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1. Colorado School of Acting - Denver

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9651 M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Denver, CO 80238

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Colorado School of Acting: what do users think?

Emerson Moretti: At Colorado school of acting you get t meet life long friends and the teachers and coaches are amazing to work with and have soo much experience. Colorado school of acting is a place like no other.

Zoe Kurland: I love this place.

Kris Cannon: I was calling from Texas and Elizabeth, who I later found out was the owner, picked up the phone. She spent about half an hour talking me through their program and advising me if it would be a good fit for my daughter. She also graciously allowed me to use her name as a reference for a school here in Dallas. She guided me through some industry updates that cut out a lot of leg work for me. She also said nice things about other schools to the best of her knowledge. She was personable, gracious and best of all, a knowledgeable body on the other end of the line! I look forward to meeting next week when we are in Denver!

Catherine Parkin: This has been a great place for my son to grow as an actor. It is much more than just a weekly acting is a robust program/community to help you or your child gain skills and continue to challenge themselves.

Chris Telkamp: We have found Elizabeth and her team to be extremely well versed in working with kids. Her connections, knowledge and know how of the industry have been a nice reference and guide for families who are new to this industry. The teachings and application are proving to be exactly what our son needs as he pursues his passion and dream. We are very pleased and highly recommend!

Ashley Leanne Somers: is always looking for ways to better the program and help the students, even after we leave :

Rachel Chadwick: Absolutely fantastic program for children and young adults/ older adults who enjoy acting and would like to see a boost to their professional skills, as well as their self-esteem and confidence level. The owner, Elizabeth, is dedicated to the development and success of all students, and I have been extremely impressed with how they run their program! ❤️

1freckleface2: I attended the Colorado School of Acting for three years, starting in 2011; and then returned after college as an instructor for two years. I have loved being apart of this school the entire time! The owners of the school, Troy and Elizabeth, put a lot of hard work and dedication into their students, their curriculum and maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of the business. As a student, I felt supported and constantly challenged in refining my craft, as well as understanding and navigating the industry as a professional. As an instructor, I saw that at it's heart, this school is always striving for excellence. Elizabeth is constantly and genuinely looking for ways to better support and educate her students. The students are at the heart of this school, which is hard to find in an industry like this!

Jennifer Taylor: My Daughter has been attending the CO School of acting for about 19 months. After participating in several plays at her elementary school, it was clear that she had a natural talent that just needed some fine tuning. She currently is in the Level 2 elite program, and therefore attends class 1 night a week, and a workshop another night. She looks forward to it, and really loves the industry showcase events where she gets to show off her skills! I love that she is gaining confidence and learning how to speak in front of a crowd! The school has allowed her the opportunity to sign with a local agent, as well as an agent and a manager from Hollywood. Thanks CO School of Acting for being a positive influence on my Daughter, and sharing your love of acting with her.

Beth Toft: My daughter loves her classes at Colorado School of Acting. The owners of the school spent many years working in the entertainment industry in L.A. and N.Y. before they opened their school in Colorado. Based on this wealth of experience they have designed a top-notch program that enables students to get the training and connections needed to land acting jobs in the Denver area and, if desired, in larger markets such as L.A. and N.Y. I'm impressed by the number of students of Colorado School of Acting who have become working actors as a result of the training and opportunities provided through the school. I also appreciate the way the school does not pressure students to pursue goals they don't feel ready to pursue. The instructors are wonderful about working with each individual student and family according to their specific goals. Opportunities to connect with agents and casting directors in the industry, provided by Colorado School of Acting through weekend workshops scheduled outside of class time, are encouraged and at the same time optional. Meanwhile students work in class with their instructors, aided by the advantage of low teacher/student ratios, to select material to rehearse in class and perform at workshops and auditions. Instructors offer creative and practical feedback to help students be their best. In short, CSA is a supportive, inspiring, and knowledge-rich place to learn about acting and the entertainment industry as well as to pursue and attain one's acting goals, whatever they might be.

Martin Garvey: Our son has blossomed as an actor since he began attending CSA about two years ago. The class sizes are small, the teachers are excellent, and the owners put their heart and soul into their acting studios. He has received many many opportunities that he would not have without the guidance of CSA. He’s been in commercials, films, and a theater production at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. If your child truly has the desire to become a working actor, this is the place to be!

Frances-Janelle Torres: I really adore this place! The teachers of this place has helped me with my acting career path and they have to stop even just one second. Cheers to you CSA!

Adrienne Gray: My daughter has been at CSA for two years and has really grown as an actor. The teachers are very positive and friendly, and that attitude trickles down to the students. They provide many opportunities for career advancement and bring in top LA agents and casting directors several times a year for the students to audition for.

Cynthia Bouquet: The Colorado School of Acting has been amazing for my teenage daughter. The instruction that she has received has been critical to her understanding of how the acting world operates and what she needs to do in order to fulfill her dream of acting professionally. Her teacher is wonderful and my daughter absolutely loves her. Even though we have only been with the school for a short amount of time, we have all learned so much. And, the opportunity to grow and make connections in the acting community is huge. A BIG thank you to CSA for what an amazing job they are doing there.

Cindy Ziegler: My young son has really enjoyed the school over the past few years. He really likes his classes and is represented by an agent in LA because of networking opportunities provided by CSA. He has also had the chance to act in a short film because with another one being scheduled as we speak. The teachers are very good,, and there are several opportunities through CSA that have helped him to get access to DCPA auditions as well as other local auditions.

Lauren: Colorado school of acting is truely the place to go if you need to start up and get going on your acting career! The teachers are great and really care about helping you get to the next step! I have had a wonderful time there and have learned so much!

2. Denver School Of The Arts - Denver



· 55 reviews

7111 Montview Blvd, Denver, CO 80220

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Denver School Of The Arts: what do users think?

Susan M: What an amazing school! My grandson has been graced with attending DSA for two years and it has been an amazing learning experience. Life is art, art is life and we need to continue to support in every way places like DSA. Thank you for all the great performances, the art, the creativity! Our family loves DSA!

Timothy Nelson's awesome channel: If you hear anyone saying that "This school ruins my mental health." Just know that it's different for every major. Even if your teacher isn't the best, you can always switch to another major. If you don't want to leave your major, you can leave. Though, don't tell people it's the school's fault for the teacher being bad, the teacher can always be fired. I love this school, and from my experience, I haven't seen a downright horrible teacher yet. Everyone has their own experience, so I might be wrong, but I love this school nonetheless.

BLACKDINO SPIKE: My friend gave me a Small Tour and I loved it I want to go to this school so bad I'm from CA

Sue Albright: We went to see The Little Mermaid this evening. It was a truly fabulous performance. These kids are so professional, I give them 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and 2 👍👍

3. Babcock Studios - Denver

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· 88 reviews

1221 Pecos St, Denver, CO 80204

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Babcock Studios: what do users think?

Lauren Mengert: It’s been a year and a half of fun and learning! Babcock Studios has completely changed my life. Honestly, the studio and the friendships I’ve made there are probably the only things keeping me in Colorado.I’ve heard horror stories about other acting studios where the students are pitted against each other and the environment is incredibly toxic. Not Babcock studios! This studio is an incredibly safe space where students are encouraged to try new things. And if you ”fail”? Great! That means you learned. I put fail in quotations because I feel like there really is no such thing as failing at this studio. Also, the students encourage each other. There is no tearing each other down or competing. There’s enough room for all of us to thrive!As for Todd, he is absolutely wonderful. He has lived an actor’s life and brings stories, tips and tricks, and tons of insight to each class with so much charisma and passion. I’m not even sure how the man has so much information in his brain! I will be forever grateful to him for creating this safe space 🏼Kim is one of our newest teachers and man, does she bring energy to her classes! Kim is so creative, fun, and thoughtful and loves seeing her students progress!Kassie is the everything woman! She coordinates so much at the studio! She tracks schedules and is the main point of contact for every single student. She’s also such a warm and kind person. I feel like the studio would fall apart without her!Thank you Babcock Studios for creating such a wonderful safe space!

Tee Vee: I kid you not; every time I walk through the doors of Babcock Studios, I become a better person. From my very first class with Todd to my current classes with Kim, this studio is a true family. One thing I admire about both Kim & Todd is how honest they are, both about the art of acting & life as a whole. Their perspectives on life & the art of acting are truly phenomenal. I can't help but want to write down every inspirational thing they say, lol. On top of all of this, there is some true talent at this studio, it’s a true pleasure to be part of. Thank you all for what you do; it is appreciated beyond words.

Maria L: Todd has created an amazing community that I'm very happy to be a part of. Workshops are engaging , challenging, and always so much fun. Todd is incredibly generous with his time, the studio space, and resources. He is always looking out for his students and finding out ways to elevate the community.

Nia Avalaz: I've never felt more challenged and seen at an acting studio the way I have been at Babcock Studios. Todd takes the time to transform and encourage every one of his students, and he does so in a way that is empowering. There's no judgment and no pressure, just passion for the art.

Nitya Kalidindi: Best acting studio EVER! Whether you have been acting for a decade or for a day, Todd provides a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment for anyone who wants to explore this craft. He caters to each student on an individual level and meets you right where you are. Guided by kindness, patience, and tons of positive reinforcement Todd builds you from the ground up to be a better actor and even more so, a better version of yourself. And none of it is by accident. Todd has created one of the most welcoming communities filed with the most well-meaning people who only want to see you grow and succeed. This kind of safe-space is so rare especially in the field of acting. No toxic competition, no pretentiousness, no shallowness. Just people who are rooting for you through and through! This is truly the perfect place for people who want to grow as an actor while being surrounded by the best people with the absolute best instructor guiding you. If I haven't made it clear, join this studio... LIKE RIGHT NOW!

Renee Krause: Babcock Studios is a very special place for actors to discover their talents and develop solid acting skills. Todd Babcock is incredible at extracting the very best from each of his students. He spends much time preparing scenes and works personally with students in class and out to show them techniques and strategies they can incorporate to produce very high caliber performances. This studio is so much more than 'acting' classes. It's a professional and respectful environment for actors to work together to push themselves to new levels. I've been taking classes at Babcock Studios for over a year and a half. Because of what I have learned there I now get auditions and have been cast in several projects. I can say with certainty that this wouldn't have happened without Babcock Studios.

Joshua Rupprecht: SAFE SPACE! Babcock Studios is the most comforting and welcoming community in Denver. Todd Babcock is a real human being before he is a teacher. He builds unique individual relationships with every student who enters through that door. He’s not only developed me into a better actor but a better human being as well. Todd has made a huge impact on this chapter of my life. If you are looking to join a safe and loving community with the best teacher around, walk through that door!

Josh Doolittle: Todd is the real deal and a master at what he does. His class is engaging, exciting, and progressive. He cultivates an atmosphere of support and encouragement that is unmatched! Thank you Todd!

Gareth Jones: I took Todd's 6 week fundamentals class earlier this year and it was an incredible experience. I was very very nervous going into it and hadn't really had a lot of experience with acting. You can tell he puts an enormous amount of effort into making his class a welcoming and safe space to be yourself and create. I'm endlessly grateful for that 6 week class. Only reason I didn't continue was because I moved out of state.

Jaime Shooster: while a part of this studio. While some of these ventures appear separate from the work I've pursued in relation to my acting development, I can say with certainty that the parallel processes of exploring ethical dilemmas, character development, intention in my voice and behavior, and interpersonal dynamics while enrolled in this scene study have aided me in healing, relevant skills to apply to my profession, and greater zest for the performing arts then ever experienced pre-enrollment.

Jamie Nosbusch: Babcock studios will always hold a special place in my heart. Putting it into words is going to be hard but I’m going to try my best.I learned so much and grew not only as an actress but as a person as well. I saw my confidence soar and learned that the only thing holding me back…was me.You learn with like minded individuals in an open and safe environment. This is a place that encourages you to try new things, this place celebrates your victories and helps you learn from your mistakes while also having tons fun! If your scared but you want to try it I am going to encourage you to try and remember that you cant “level up” while staying in your comfort zone.

Ryan Coleman: This place is magic. I have so much respect for Todd and what he’s created here. This studio is a very special place and I've grown so much in such a short time. It's just in the air. It's an environment that nourishes and encourages you to grow into yourself, discover your voice and process and literally become an actor. It's the foundation of thinking and encouragement that Todd has laid down for all of us. The way Todd teaches is so wonderfully investigative and collaborative. We work together here. All of us. He doesn’t feed you a pre-digested boiler plate of academic ideas passed down from dusty textbooks to glossier ones. Todd questions what he takes in, checks in with himself, relates back to his own experiences and actually speaks from his heart on what he has authentically discovered in his own life and acting career. If you ask me, THAT is what makes a true teacher and this is what Todd does. And he works with you, with all of us to find common understandings. He actually reaches you and helps you find your own way. He doesn’t break you down, reduce your voice and tell you the “right” way to act. Todd isn’t scared of not knowing the answer, he welcomes these moments and he investigates them in real time, with you. Todd sees you. He wants to hear your voice, what you feel. Not only does he respect your voice, he encourages you to hone it. You’re not a number here, you’re not a studio product or some academic disciple filling up a class roster. You’re you. You are unique. The way you express yourself is unique. The way you work is unique. The way you learn is unique. The way you process and relate to the world around you is unique. And what YOU have to say is unique too. It’s an asset to know yourself and to build your own voice and understanding. Build your own process. Make your own discoveries. Todd sees all of this and not only does he have a respect for it but he fosters a working relationship with you so that you're encouraged to make your own discoveries and actually gain real wisdom. That is HUGE. And as you are adapting to new circumstances, finding new ways of perceiving the world, questioning your relationships to emotions, broadening your self awareness, feeling into foreign situations and finding your own way into new realms of emotional understanding, Todd will be there with you. He’s real. He’s perceptive. He’s inquisitive and he’s not afraid to be vulnerable and navigate his feelings too. He’s a gem and the amount of love I feel for the studio he's built here is immense. I'm so happy and grateful to be apart of this studio.Thanks for putting your heart into this place and into all of us students. We love you Todd!

Kimberley Pember: . It's daunting, horrifying and rare. Well, I can say utter conviction, Babcock Studios is just all that and more. Todd Babcock, is mentally stable as far as we can tell, and a joy to learn from. He has created an environment and culture unlike anything I have ever experienced. Todd is one of the most ethical, caring, supportive and even at times, funniest mentors I have ever worked with. I've been working in the film/tv industry for quite some time however, when I arrived at Babcock Studios, I was struggling from the lack of confidence that was instill in me from previous teachers and ultimately MYSELF. I doubted my instincts, my process, my instrument. I was throwing money in 5 different directions to 5 different teachers in order to fill the insecurity beast. I felt like my work was lack luster at best, because I was afraid of "doing it wrong, " because I had been told "You're doing it wrong." That kind of teaching scarred me as an actress and a woman. Todd has given me back my confidence, the courage to lean into my instincts, owning my work, and trusting that there is "no wrong way"- just stronger choices to explore. He encourages us to blaze our own paths- whether that's in the studio working scenes or outside creating our own content ie: screenwriting, playwriting, producing our own projects. All the while, offering his vast knowledge in all aspects of the industry- in front and behind the camera or curtain. He's like a child on Christmas morning when he sees us making our own dreams a reality. Without Babcock Studios, most of us would still be daydreaming instead of creating. The community of players, THE FAMILY- my brothers and sisters, are some the most creative, talented, GIVING human beings I've ever met. The dedication we have towards each other is palpable not only in class but outside with supporting each other in writing, art, music, film production, staged readings, attending each others performances, gathering for holidays and play days- the list goes on. No cliques, no vengeful drama queens- just love. Since attending Babcock Studios, I have auditioned for major network series as Reservation Dogs, Better Call Saul, Big Sky. Hollywood directors such as Rian Johnson and Asher K. Levin and have booked feature films starring major Hollywood legends and rising stars. I am represented by 3 different talent agencies in 3 different regions. And now, due to all the support, have written my first full feature film and 3 shorts! The care and support of Babcock Studios has boosted my career and personal life in ways this little country girl could not have imagined. If you're someone whose curious about acting, scared of acting but has a strong desire to attempt or even a seasoned veteran looking to be challenged and to grow in your art, Babcock Studios offers a safe, loving, exciting, fun home that will change your life, as it has mine. Babcock Studios is my forever home and I couldn't be more grateful. Now...stop wasting time reading my amazing review and sign up! Only beautiful things await...Much Love, Kimberley Pember

Kelly Stockelman: My experience at Babcock Studios was life changing! Acting was something I had always wanted to try, and Todd Babcock opened the door and made me an actress! The skills I have garnered and the community that I found here have given me more confidence in myself and taught me to “yes and” life. Highly recommend Babcock Studios for all aspiring and veteran actors.

Ryan Reich: Babcocks is a special place — I could not recommend Todd’s studio enough. The studio members are like a family — and Todd treats them as such.

Zachary: I had such an incredible experience taking classes at Babcock Studios! I had no acting experience before I enrolled in their Fundamentals class, but Todd, his team, and the other actors were so welcoming and fun! Todd is an amazing, professional teacher, and he has cultivated a special environment at Babcock Studios.

Melissa Keller: that he's a professional, experienced actor and teacher.If that hasn't convinced you yet, take it from a MAJOR introvert: I signed up because I wanted to gain some skills so that I could voice act. In a closet. Away from people. Where it's, you know, safe. I audited ONE Scene Study class while I was in Fundamentals and knew I was hooked, and now

Gabriella Ongaro: . After I finished Fundamentals, I took a few months off before starting the scene study course. Every scene I have worked on has challenged me and made me grow as an actor and a person. Todd does not give line readings but teaches students how to create an analysis for a character and bring that analysis to life. The unique environment of passion, trust, and support has allowed me to find a creative side of myself that I had previously neglected. I am so happy that I decided to take that first class at this studio and can’t wait for the continued challenges and growth. This studio is not just for actors but is a great place for people interested in directing, creating content, or just trying something new. I am so grateful for the community I have found within this studio. I would highly recommend Babcock Studios.

Kali Becker: Todd has curated an amazing atmosphere for actors at many different levels to elevate their craft. His instruction WILL challenge you and, in turn, help increase your ability to step into the shoes of a character.Furthermore, this studio has a lovely community of individuals. I have had the pleasure of meeting some remarkable artists.Thank you to Babcock Studios for allowing me to fail, succeed, and grow as an actor.

4. Colorado School of Acting - Lakewood

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· 20 reviews

7861 W Jewell Ave, Lakewood, CO 80232

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