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1. The Art of Spanish Institute LLC - Denver

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· 86 reviews

899 Logan St suite 101, Denver, CO 80203

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The Art of Spanish Institute LLC: what do users think?

Daniela Walters: I cannot say enough good things about this Spanish School. I have been studying Spanish off and on since I was a child, even participating in abroad programs. My Spanish has never improved so much so quickly than at The Art of Spanish Institute. I am over the moon about my progress! I also cannot say enough good things about the teachers. Juan Carlos, Ceci and Elisa were phenomenal. They tailor each class to my individual needs and I cannot wait to keep improving with their help and expertise. They are also all so kind and fun to work with!

Ben Abell: I have been taking classes here for about 2 years and love the experience. Cannot recommend AOSI highly enough!

Erik Anderson: I've been taking classes at The Art of Spanish Institute with my instructor Elisa for 10 months. Javier was able to quickly identify my current level of fluency in our initial conversation and assign me to the right level to begin studying. I had taken Spanish through high school and a little bit into college.I was interested in starting Spanish again as I was working with a Spanish-speaking client and planned multiple trips to the country. I was amazed at how much my Spanish improved over time. I enjoyed the diversity of instruction modalities including text books, practice exercises, audio and video, reading and writing, and conversation prompts.I definitely recommend The Art of Spanish Institute for anyone serious about learning Spanish, regardless of your current level of fluency.

Jared Wright: I had Spanish classes with Juan Carlos and he did a great job teaching. The staff here is incredible.

J. M. McDonald: I decided to work The Art of Spanish to improve my listening and speaking capabilities. What I have enjoyed most is the methodology of instruction. They do not concentrate on conjugation of verbs and the numerous types of verb conjugation as so many instructors do. They start with present tense and work with this until you understand how each verb is used. Then there are the audios - short stories of maybe 2 minutes. Since the classes are entirely in Spanish, listening to these has helped me understand the common phrases used everyday. And, my speaking has improved to a point where my maestra, Elisa, and I can talk and joke at the beginning of class about everyday things.I definitely recommend the Art of Spanish for anyone wanting to begin learning or those, like me, wanting to improve their SpanishComments about scheduling. I have had to move classes around due to other commitments. But, I have found Javier to be very accommodating. While I understand that some students want to talk directly with the instructor, he would rather have them concentrate on teaching and not scheduling.

Rod McDonald: I have been taking one-on-one classes at the Art of Spanish for six months. I am extremely pleased with the approach and zoom lessons. As a beginner I appreciate their learning concepts and I am my able to progress with my conversation interest. , Art of Spanish is well organized and very professional.

Mackenzie Roseland: and have had a great experience with TAOSI. I started in a group class, and then shortly transitioned to private classes

Louis Benson: The Art of Spanish did a fantastic job of of not only teaching vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, but also exposing us to cultural treasures. My instructor Sailine, was very approachable, understanding, and knew how to teach the Spanish language very well. I would highly recommend.

Matias Carapezza: Very happy to have the opportunity to meet Javier, a very good teacher, responsible and above all an excellent person!! Highly recommended for the community.

Joanna Widmann: I just finished the one week immersion program and really enjoyed my teachers and the content. I have more confidence speaking and a clearer picture of what I still need to learn.

Timothy Pfeifer: Wonderful Spanish school! Great staff and very accommodating. Cici is the best teacher!!

Lauren C: The staff and customized curriculum at The Art of Spanish Institute are stellar. The intense and fast-paced immersion program has taught me effective communication skills in the realms of correct grammar, proper pronunciation and comprehensive speaking/listening/reading skills. The resources available on the student portal are amazing - awesome references throughout the learning process. I am impressed with the professionalism of both the director and teachers and highly recommend The Art of Spanish Institute to motivated students, both adult and children.

Meghan Mize: I’ve been taking group classes here for several months, and I’ve made so much progress. The structure and pace is manageable, and it’s been a lot of fun. My instructor Juan Carlos is great. Highly recommend.

Taiya O'Hara: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueI am a student here and have been since Nov. of 2020. I am loving the group class that I am in and have learned a ton! My teacher Juan Carlos is great, really helpful and makes class fun. I started as a beginner and already feel I have made a huge improvement in my Spanish speaking level.

Jamie Hudson: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueI am a current and regular student here, the teachers are kind, caring and overall patient. They reschedule classes if you can't make it and overall a great structure. 100% would recommend for Spanish learning at all levels.

Hannah Seigel Proff: I have been studying with Professor Juan Carlos for over a year and I my Spanish has improved a great deal. I have wanted to take my Spanish to the next level for years, and The Art of Spanish Institute has made that goal possible.

2. Spanish Classes In Denver | SIF Language School - Glendale



· 18 reviews

400 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80246

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Spanish Classes In Denver | SIF Language School: what do users think?

Nicholas Fish: , I feel I have a solid foundation to support my journey towards becoming fluent.

Phil Zeitler: Working with SIF and Silva, as well as Maryuris when Silvia has been away, has been great. They are both master teachers and fun to meet with every week. My Spanish and comfort in speaking has advanced substantially.

Topher Baron: SIF definitely has Pros/Cons. If this is your only option that works for your schedule OR you have had previous Spanish lessons then I would absolutely recommend SIF.Cons:1. The learning content is very disorganized. No idea what we will be learning one week to the next which makes it hard to fully utilize the in class time when we go over something I’ve never looked at before and it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to follow along. We used material from an online book and 2 other books. A syllabus with specific subjects we need to study and keep up with over the weeks would be nice to keep students aligned with learning expectations.2. Plan to spend $100+ in additional books/course materials they don’t exactly mention before you pay for the class.3. They need to explain in English what we are going over in the first few classes. I get the immersion aspect, but it makes it extremely hard to follow along when explaining the Spanish grammar concepts for the first time if you have no idea what the teacher is even saying.Pros: The teachers are great, the in person classes work well for studying with others and keeps it interesting. Also the in person classes definitely force you to keep up with the studying.Overall: I plan to take another 10 weeks with SIF, but I plan on taking some other classes first to understand the vocabulary used in class to make them more productive. Optionally, you could sign up for a few private lessons through SIF that would help with the learning curve with the first few classes in the 10 week beginner course.

Max Edwards: . I think the approach and the materials are really good and are geared towards everyday things that matter and are relevant. I’m pretty self-critical about my progress with learning new things and skills, but even I can see how much I’ve learned and how far I’ve come in less than a year.100% recommend this school to anyone looking to learn Spanish, couldn’t be happier with my teacher and classes and the admin staff. Everyone at SIF is awesome, keep up the incredible work!

Randy Johnson: I have been taking Spanish classes through SIF Language School for over 6 months now and I love it. My instructor, Camillo, is great and always works with me to arrange a convenient time to meet. I am a nurse and have been able to have a decent conversation with my Spanish speaking patients just after one month of lessons. I would highly recommend these services to anyone who would benefit from learning Spanish. It's cheaper than taking a college course and you have the option for one on one instruction.

Tatyana Svirsky: I had the best experience taking Spanish classes at this school. The owner of the school has very high quality standards for the instructors and classes. I was amazed to see such high level of instructions complemented by genuine passion for Spanish culture and language. I have made quite a progress and can only thank SIF for everything.

Emily McDonnell: , but I still felt that the overview provided was really informative and helpful.

Michael Wishart: When I began taking classes here I knew no Spanish but after 6 months of weekly classes learning through silvias bpl system which uses neuroscience to allow you to learn and absorb and retain information better, i can have a fluent conversation with Spanish speakers from all over the world

Jillian: I highly recommend this school for learning Spanish. I'm blown away at the conversations I'm able to have in Spanish after only six weeks! My teacher, Anner, is amazing and inspires me to learn more.

Nicole Garneau: I couldn't be happier with my progress. I began with private lessons to get up to speed based on needs I have for speaking Spanish in my job. Once I was prepared and caught up, I was welcomed into an intermediate class with a group of classmates that are amazing. The chemistry between our teacher and each other makes me excited to go to class every week. Finally, I am very grateful that both my teacher and the president of the school care enough to closely monitor progress. For me this meant moving classmates from intermediate I to intermediate II at just the right time to keep me motivated and challenged. I highly recommend SIF!

Bonnie Ferris: The legal terminology seminar I attended was great. Honest info given from an experienced court interpreter. Oro puro.

Marta Welch: I love the One-Day Spanish Immersions in Denver because each one has a different theme & is focused on a Spanish-speaking country. It's almost like taking a tour of each country as you spend the day learning about every aspect of the country's culture, customs, history & geography!

Jack Mudry: We are excited to see so many new students practicing Spanish and learning about Latin American culture!

Kira Svirsky: I've loved taking classes here, and definitely feel like I am making progress!

Austin Alexander: I've been working with SIF Language School for around a year and a half now and have had an incredible experience thus far! The school's passion for language and learning are what I love most about it. Innovative methods combined with cultural insight give this language school all the credibility and recognition it deserves. Every language learner is different and Silvia, the director of the school, knows this. She does her best to make sure every student progresses at the pace they want to and pushes them to reach all their goals. Muchísimas gracias y nos vemos pronto!

andres reyes: The experience of my daughters in their summer camp was fun and with a significant advance in their learning of Spanish

Huriata Bonilla: Best Spanish school in Denver !

ann chamberlin: I have been attending SIF for 2 years, with the same excellent teacher,patient and and thorough,with 2 immersion Saturdays,and would recommend to any of my friends.

Bárbara Acuña Kaneb: I’ve been teaching at SIF for almost three years and I have to say, Silvia the owner is an incredible person she takes the time to train the teachers with her incredible method. She studied for many years how the brain works and she's so passionate about it that she is capable of giving us all her knowledge to be able to teach our students with using tools that make them success in the future. I'm very proud say I have now not just students if not friends that go to the school for More than two years already to study with me and now they are happily bilingual. I love where I work and all my students make my life happy.

3. Don Guillermo's Professional Spanish Center - Denver

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· 8 reviews

925 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

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4. The Language School - Denver

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· 126 reviews

5116 Deephaven Ct, Denver, CO 80239

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The Language School: what do users think?

Rodrigo Lopez de santiago: Can someone please tell me if they have in-person classes on Sundays?

Stacey Chang: My fiance from Korea went to David’s classes to learn English while he’s visiting me for 3 months. the classes are very small, with average 3 students per class. He really enjoyed his classes and learned alot. He also meet some great people at the school to share each others culture, which was another great opportunity. David is an amazing teacher and highly recommend! We would like to come back to take his classes again when he eventually move to the US in the near future!

Karl Kaeten: Learning anything is a bit of a risk, to put oneself in a position of feeling like you don't know anything. Learning Spanish is difficult but David has the patience and the experience to lay it out--he says don't be hard on yourself for not learning at the pace you would maybe like, but he also shows how the process works and can demonstrate progress to you in a single class. What that class taught me was how to organize my efforts to learn Spanish. It's not easy but I see now how to apply myself and am excited to continue my work, knowing that nothing worth having is easy, but with some effort, it is possible.

stéphane descamps: It's been almost 2 months now that I've been following an English course, being French my oral comprehension of English was quite mediocre but since then I feel more at ease. Moreover the teacher David was always listening to my expectations and directed the course in this direction.

Margaret Emerson: I’ve been taking Spanish classes with Professor David for the last month. The conversational teaching method he uses is so much more applicable than the Spanish I was taught in school. I’m learning Spanish because our family enjoys traveling to Costa Rica. Even after only a few weeks of class I was able to have basic exchanges in Costa and I picked up more than I anticipated. Highly recommended The Language School!!

Arq. Yessica Luna: I am really happy and grateful to Professor David, in fact in just a couple of months he has taught me to process, pronounce, understand and SPEAK in English!! It has a technique that has been highly developed for more than 10 years and it truly works!!! It is very practical and effective, I am still learning but I will not stop continuing and trusting in this new way of learning the English language, thank you very much and friends, do not hesitate here if we learn!!

Geoff Grant: Great place to learn spanish. There is a lot attention to detail and David is fabulous at explaining the nuances of the language.

carolina alizo: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueThis material is an excelent resource, complete and helpful to learn English. The Teachers are very professionals

Rafael Segundo Alizo Millan: with an excellent teaching vacation, he really knows how to make people speak English and Spanish. I recommend it 100%.Rafael Alizo

Sky Mignery: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueI’ve been attending The Language School for a little over a month and it’s been a great experience so far! I definitely feel I’m learning and progressing in my Spanish. I highly recommend this school.

Carly Smith: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueAmazing experience at this school! Learning is customized for individual needs and the teachers are great. The learning experience provided by the language school is immensely valuable and long-lasting!

Cody Holmes: Positive:Communication,Value

Katelin Barson: Such an awesome class! I am taking the group Spanish classes and it is very helpful to learn a new language. Practicing on your own can only take you so far, communication with others is key! This class gives you the communication you need with a small group of awesome people. I was nervous to practice a new language, but my teacher, Alix is great to correct and encourage participation with each student.

Natasha Wright: Positive:ValueI’m loving the language school! So glad I found this program to help me learn Spanish. In just 2 sessions I’m feeling like I’ve learned more than I’ve ever learned before. Conversational learning is the way to go! A+++

Luke McKay: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ValueDavid, Pedro and the rest of the staff at The Language School are excellent teachers. If you’re looking to learn Spanish from scratch I highly recommend The Language School.

Diana: Started about a month ago. After consultation signed up and started the very next week. I have learned the basics of starting a conversation and I am learning enough to feel comfortable. I would suggest getting a speaking buddy to have daily dialogue to advance faster. Signed up initially for ten sessions and just signed up for five more. I’m hoping to be able to use this second language in daily life and at work.

5. SpanishBlackbelt - Denver

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· 13 reviews

2975 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

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SpanishBlackbelt: what do users think?

L Thom5280: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueSpanishBlackbelt has been fantastic for our teenage son. He is able to easily Zoom with his teacher and works on his basic Spanish skills and homework for high school.

Robert Kreis: Great experience. Angelica is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend Blackbelt.

Ed Durso: I have been taking Spanish lessons for over a year, the best results I’ve had was with Spanish Blackbelt. The teacher was exceptional and I spent all of the sessions speaking Spanish. Highly recommend this organization.

Heather Westcott: I had such a great experience over my 4 months of spanish so far with Ana! The small group size is perfect and the other folks in the class have been a great mix of personalities. I was a little nervous to sign up at first with the classes meeting at a Starbucks rather than a school, but I wouldn't change a thing. It has been far superior to the university evening course I took previously and I am feeling more and more confident in my spanish every week.

Raquel Isely: I absolutely love Spanish blackbelt! Maria Elena is a great teacher and I would highly recommend her! She gives out great advice, makes me feel comfortable and encourages me. Spanish Blackbelt also has great resources for learning.

William Dinneen: Not only did I get a lot better at Spanish but I also felt like I became friends with my tutor, Edgar, making going to talk with him for two hours something I looked forward to, and will miss in the future.

Justin: I was born in the US and have never spoken another language, having only taken entry level classes in high school. As it turns out my wife is from Ecuador and the majority of her family only speaks Spanish so learning the language has become a real priority.After trying a few different options, Spanish Blackbelt in Denver was the only thing that stuck! Spanish black belt has classes that are the right size to truly promote learning and their teachers force you to speak and learn the language while maintaining a fun and encouraging environment.Muchos Gracias Spanish Blackbelt!

Kristine Helsper: I have truly enjoyed my Spanish Blackbelt classes with Mariela PH. She does a great job of mixing everyday conversation with teaching the grammar and vocabulary that goes along with learning a language. My Spanish classes are the best part of the week. I enjoy getting to practice my everyday conversation along with learning new ways to express myself.

Alan Rogowski: I have been taking private lessons from Mariela for about 4 months. I have learned quite a bit from her. Prior to Mariela and SBB I had taken online courses and CD type listening courses to try and learn Spanish. I had a lot of basic Spanish skills that I acquired from these courses but nothing was getting me even close to intermediate Spanish. Mariela has taken what I knew and added new course materials and now I am much more confident in my Spanish skills. She is very good and very patient. Every week I learn more and understand better what I had learned previously. I really enjoy our weekly sessions. If you are considering a Spanish tutor, I cannot give her a higher recommendation.

Amanda Traer: My experience over the last 3 months with Mariela has been incredible. She is the best Spanish instructor I have ever known. Her professionalism, experience, and knowledge of the language far surpasses any other instructors from similar organizations like Spanish Blackbelt. The structure and tools that SBB provides helps with motivation and learning the language at my own pace. Where I feel SBB is weak, compared to the other organizations I've learned from, is the lack of detail in teaching materials for each level. They could also provide more in depth exercises and testing opportunities, such as fill-in-the-blank, than is currently provided. Luckily Mariela has been able to find materials that provide this or else I wouldn't be able to retain everything in their lessons.

Jill Taylor: I have now taken three 8-week sessions with Spanish BlackBelt. I have been very satisfied. Mariela is an excellent instructor. She is always on time and prepared for my class. She is patient with me when I find something difficult to understand. Some of the on line tools for Spanish Black Belt are too brief. Some need more depth to understand the concept, but my instructor, Mariela, has been able to provide that. In particular, private lessons work for me because my schedule is difficult and with private lessons, we are able to adjust the schedule to meet my needs.

mark hauserman: Finished my first session with Mariela. She is great! - helpful and knowledgeable and hard-working. Logistics are easy. Will be starting second session in a week!

6. International School of Denver - Denver

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· 9 reviews

7701 E 1st Pl Unit C, Denver, CO 80230

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International School of Denver: what do users think?

Sierra Rothman-haji: ISD has made my life so great,with all the new friends that have turned into family. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!!!!

Nora Assougdam: I have been at this school since I was 3 and now I have started middle school and learned to love my school,teachers and everyone in it as family.

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